Name: Vishnu Prasath
Location: Coimbatore, India
Skype: dvishnu1
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Linked In : http://in.linkedin.com/in/dvishnu


About me

a self-made first generation entrepreneur and an internet advertising enthusiast. I am now 23, running an internet marketing company that deals with search, social and display advertising. To realize my dream as an entrepreneur, I dropped my school at the age of 15.

Have consulted for two recognized web hosting brands on marketing and strategy. As a part-time digital nomad, I am an avid reader of World Economics (specific to Development Economics), Growth Hacking, Start-ups, Management Consulting, Indian Philosophy, Mysticism and enjoy interacting with like-minded chaps.


My Journey as an Entrepreneur

On 24 January 1994, I was born in the City of Coimbatore. I din’t have any idea on what entrepreneurship is until I began to tap the grounds of it doing things I was passionate about. I grew up in an eco-system surrounded by enthusiasts of formal education. As a young boy, I was keen on taking part in many activities that included learning Piano, Yoga, Tennis etc. My interests in servicing the people/nation was born out of myself servicing through The Scouting movement and also the National Cadet Corps).

At the age of 10, after completing my 5th grade, I started asking my father for a computer for gaming. Instead of a computer, he got me a Sony play station. Excitingly, I spent few months on playing games with it. I got bored of games at 12 and my father surprised me with a Home Computer at my age of 13.


“Hello World!” (Early 2007)

Few months after I got an internet connection, I realized the potential of the internet/digital advertising. I had to self-teach myself on how to tap the internet advertising market by spending countless hours to identify the right way to start with.

My First Business 
(Later 2007 – Early 2008)

I started running a few web-blogs where I reviewed the mobile phones, gadgets, laptops, etc and I got my first cheque when I was 13 (worth $65 from a company named WidgetBucks).  I then spent my evenings on building several review websites/portals for the next two years while doing the Secondary education. As the number of websites grew, I couldn’t manage to do all the work by myself. So, I wanted to hire someone to work for me as an employee. Successfully hired my first employee when I was 14 before appearing in the Final examinations (SSLC). Immediately after completing the final exams, I rented an office space and hired few employees which then became a registered company.

Bye Bye Schooling & Formal Education (Mid of 2009)

Though I used to score decent marks, I was not interested to move on the lines of formal education. I badly wanted to realize my dream as an entrepreneur and nothing else was running in my mind. At the time of dropping my school, I had about 15 people assisting me with stuff that I was working on. Irrespective of many consultations, I dropped the school on September 25th 2009. I had a strong feeling in my mind that the schooling and formal education were not the right thing for me to do. For a few months, I could not restrict myself from distress as my parents and people around me were really not happy about my decision. With a burning desire to succeed, I then stepped into the business sphere with big dreams that I am chasing now.


What I am now? 

Today, I run Bright Bridge Info-tech Pvt Ltd where we help our clients to gain more visibility online as a Digital advertising company. Our company is into performance advertising that includes Conversion optimization, Social Media marketing, Search engine marketing, Display advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation management, Mobile Advertising and Internet Investments.

In addition to running my team, I explore my interests with my stealth mode retail startup. The advertising/marketing industry that we are into is in a constant state of change. What was once a relatively a simple business (Offline marketing) has evolved into a rocket science with the advent of new technologies. I expect to see my company as one of the catalyst in the Digital Media and Internet Marketing.

{I would like to express my gratitude to many unselfish people who quenched my thirst for knowledge.}



I am a dynamic marketing guy fascinated about the tech start-ups. I would be glad to speak/spend time with people interested to talk about media, mobile advertising, technology, business or start-ups. I am also looking to work with some of the interesting minds all-the-time. Interested in working with me? Feel free to reach out.


Thanks for the read. Wishing you success in all of your endeavors. Anything interesting missing? please suggest!